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Monday, January 17, 2011

Everyone knows that fashion tends to repeat itself, things go out of fashion and come back into fashion. However, why wait for something to come back into fashion when you can wear it today? Here are some pictures of gorgeous vintage clothes:
High waist dresses are extremely fashionable. Not only are they super elegant, the bell shape of the skirt and the slimness of the waist subtly accentuates your femininity without obviously doing so. I think these skirts look very sexy and sweet at the same time, because they make your body look very feminine without overexposing it ^^. I especially love the look on the right, with the gloves and the waistcoat.

The next dresses are a bit more Mori girl, they are flowy and loose, perfect for a summer dress ^^.

And finally here are some Dolly looking clothes. However all of these dresses could look Dolly Kei if you pick the right pattern ^^.




Eve said...

I found your blog from the mori girl livejournal comm and instantly had to become a reader because... vintage pattern illustrations, yaay! ♥

And your blog seems very sweet and I'm looking forward to seeing more posts :)


Ribbon said...

Thank you so much! (Yay! My first comment <D) I know exactly what you mean about vintage pattern illustrations! I just can't help but get twinkly eyes whenever I see them. I'm planning on remaking a few of these dresses, so maybe I'll make some tutorials while I'm at it. I'm glad you like the blog ^^.

Edit: Also I LOVE your blog! Going to take my time to read it ^^.

Simone said...

I really like the fourth pattern the one with the blue dress. I see those alot with dolly-kei and they look so beautifull.

And I can't wait to see more post on your blog!

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