What are Mori girls?

The word 'Mori' means forest in Japanese. Mori girls are often described as girls who look like they live in the forest. This fashion style is a bit more toned down than the Dolly Kei fashion style and perfect for everyday wear. It's about layering your clothes, usually about five layers are average, however recently I've seen pictures where less layers are used. The Mori girl style has a simple earth child feeling to it.

Mori girls prefer natural fabrics and jewellery over plastics. They are often shy city girls who long to live in the forest. In comparison to the often outgoing Lolitas whose community and gatherings are their way of life, the Mori girl longs for the quite solidarity of the forest. This does however not have to mean that you need to change your personality to be a Mori girl, it is just a way of life that is associated with the Mori girl fashions style.

If you love to dress in the cute Mori girl way and hang out with your friends and other people a lot, then that's fine ^^. Don't change yourself for a fashion style.