Kimi ni Todoke: lot's of blushing, laughing and crying.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've recently started to become addicted to an anime called Kimi ni Todoke, based on a manga with the same name. Even though I have read the first few chapters of the manga, the series never stuck with me, until I saw the anime. Normally my policy is: Shoujo manga's and shounen anime, meaning manga's are a better platform for those sweet slowly developing romances and anime is better for the fast passed battles. However I must say that the anime version of Kimi ni Todoke has struck a soft spot in my heart.

This is the trailer, I'm sorry I couldn't find it with english subs.

The stories about a high school girl named Sawako, whose called Sadako (the name of the girl in the Japanese version of the ring) by her classmates, because of her looks. Sawako has very pale skin and black long hair, making her look like a typical ghost from Japanese horror movies (think the ring and the grudge).

However she is actually a very positive girl who wants nothing more than to get along with everyone, but she's to shy to clear up the misunderstandings about her. Therefore she really admires Kazehaya, a boy who's smile can light up the room and who's always surrounded by a circle of people.

Kazehaya is secretly in love with Sawako and he is constantly trying to help her gain more confidence. The relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako is very cute to watch. Slowly Sawako gains more friends and a few enemies along the way to find more confidence in herself.

Not only are the characters more lively in colour, the anime is also beautifully drawn. The voice actors really add to the character's awkward first love experiences and they can be extremely funny sometimes.

 Right now they are airing the second season. This anime is both cliché and very original at the same time. If you like anime's about romance, friendship and overcoming all odds, this is definitely one you might want to look into ^^.


Kayla said...

I love love love Kimi No Todoke. It's seriously one of the best manga's I've ever read. The movie is pretty good, too! There's a scene on the roof with Sawako and her girlfriends that made me cry.

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