What is Dolly Kei?

Dolly Kei also called Cult Party Kei is a fairly new fashion style from Japan that combines the popular Mori girl fashion style with (eastern) European folk clothes, bold prints, tassels, doll parts, flowers and fur. The look reminds you of the old grim tales and folk lore’s like Baba Yaga and it has a certain gypsy feeling to it.

Dolly Kei originated in a shop called Grimoire after an ancient book of magic, I think the name is very fitting for the fashion style. An other popular store called The Virgin Mary calls this fashion style Cult Party Kei. Since the style is so fairly new it doesn't have a set of guidelines, which on one hand is a blessing since it inspires a lot of creativity and on the other hand it is a curse, especially if you are a beginner it is hard to know where to start. These seem to be two schools that are developing in this style, one of them focuses on light colours and the other focuses on darker, richer colours.

A couple of things seem to re-occur in this fashion style, namely:
-Tassels (used as belts or accessories).
-Fur (usually in the form of a fox scarf around ones neck or a tail keychain to hang on ones bag, it doesn't have to be real it can also be faux fur).
-Old prints (usually flowers).
-Vintage clothes (or clothes that look like they're vintage, the looks seems almost completely trifted).
-Crosses (big wooden crosses around ones neck).
-Doll parts (preferably old dolls).
-Morbid accessories like pendants in the shape of animal skulls (this can also be just silver cast in the shape of a skull).
-Big fabric flowers (mostly in ones hair or as a brooch).
-Lace (preferably old).
-Embroided bags, or clothes.
-Colourful tights with bold prints (featuring either flowers, cherubs, old paintings, bugs, lace or other old and bold prints).

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